Test prep is the first step in any admissions process. ACTual Solutions takes a holistic approach to an ever changing, competitive process. Our team creates a customized test prep program based on each student's strengths, weaknesses and goals in order to maximize achievement, allowing for truly individualized coverage and pace of preparation while helping students learn our proven strategies, including time management and an appropriate process of elimination. Our services include, but are not limited to: individualized test prep, finalizing resumes, mock interviews, application assistance and essay support.


Our students are taught using a proven and successful strategy to achieve their individualized goals - in many cases seeing increases upwards of 300 points on the SAT I. We give our students all of the tools that they need to succeed. Student strengths and weaknesses are used to customize preparation time and content.

All of the recent changes can be overwhelming for parents and students. Our team is actively following and developing the most effective strategies to continue providing our students with the tools they need to succeed.


Our tutors stress the importance of accuracy and time management in preparation for this test. As experts in their fields, our tutors know how to methodically convey information and curriculum that students may have already forgotten.

As the ACT grows and further develops, our tutors are always actively learning how to convey effective strategies for an always developing test


In our growing economy and an increasingly competitive global market, post-graduate education is becoming more and more important. ACTual Solutions encourages all of our students to continue their education and professional career goals, and our tutors are prepared to get them there using our proven and successful strategies.


We understand the important roles curriculum and reasoning play in these tests. Since our tutors come from a variety of backgrounds, our team is able to help each student obtain his/her respective goals.


The right high school can often mean the right college four years later. ACTual Solutions is here to help set your child on the right path.

Each test is different, as is every student, and our tutors pride themselves on staying up to date on the latest material and strategies specific to each test. They are our tutors because they are passionate about the material they teach.